10000 Mah Power Bank Magnetic Black


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A Magnetic Wireless 10000 MAH power bank is the next step in wireless charging. The powerful magnetic force lets the power bank connect to the phone during charging. This mag-safe power bank is ideal for use in offices, travel libraries, home gyms, and wireless or wired charging.

Compatible Model: All iPhone 12 / iPhone 13 or iPhone 14/ iPhone 15 series. Also compatible with using magnetic cases.

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  1. Marc

    Eady to use. I like the percentage charge reading.

  2. Wilem J

    The best item I have purchased in a long time

  3. Danny

    I like this product.

  4. Joanna Earle

    I love this portable charger. It’s easy to just toss in my purse and go. I like how it can charge with my iPhone charger without having to buy and keep up with a separate cord for it. Will purchase again!

  5. phsladypanther

    This charger saved me a huge headache when I thought I was going to be without my phone and it came fully charged out of the box what a great device doesn’t overheat

  6. Romar Watts

    Works Great. I recommend

  7. Aiofe

    Easy to use, light weight sticks to the phone really good and charges it fast. I likrd mine so much I bought one for my husband.

  8. B. Slayton

    Love this charger! I had trouble with the first charger, contacted the company and was sent a new charger no questions ask. The battery works perfect and clicks to the back of my phone. Perfect and I would recommend to anyone.

  9. S. C.

    This wireless portable charger is a game-changer! Its sleek design, fast charging capabilities, and convenient LED display make it a must-have for iPhone users on the go. With Mag-Safe compatibility, it ensures hassle-free charging every time. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety with this reliable power pack by your side. Highly recommended!

  10. Talia Jager

    I like that this charger can charge my phone when it’s either laying down, shoved in my purse, or standing on my desk at work. I use it most that way – at my desk. I don’t like how fat it is and I don’t like that it doesn’t charge fast. So if you’re in the market for a charger that can charge your phone while you’re watching something, this is the one for you. If you want a fast charger, I would suggest something else.

  11. nicole

    If you are buying this for a Samsung, it will not charge fast. The item is a little heavy, other than that it is nice, it does get a little warm.

  12. Rut

    Great Price! Great quality. Does not weight too much and it sticks perfectly to my phone!

  13. Charles W Wright

    Excellent product. Especially for the price. Small, light. Magnet holds extremely well.

  14. H. Hughes

    I needed an extra battery for my new iphone while I’m at work. Sometimes I walking around the warehouse and can’t be in my office so I need a battery pack. This works great! It also has a stand on it when I’m back in my office.

  15. Larry

    Perfect for using while traveling. It can be hard to find an outlet that works in an airport. This works much better.

  16. Love it

    It charge phone in reasonable amount of time

  17. LK Kelley

    I guess time will tell, but these power banks are getting better and better. I liked this design because of the stand! Nothing like having a charger that doubles as a stand for your phone especially when you read like I do!

  18. Katy Wellman

    It loses it charge fast but loving having this while at work

  19. Lerschykisses

    After working 15 hour shifts my battery always dies listening to music so I ordered this and it works great. It slaps to the back of my iPhone and sticks good.

  20. Alan R. BUCKNER

    Seems well made. Performs as promised. Nice color. Will update my rating in 6 months.

  21. R4Boys

    I was doing a lot of traveling the charger I had was not keeping up with me. My son recommended me buying this. It’s the best thing now I could throw all my other stuff away.

  22. Kari Perez

    I totally love this product! Plus it’s a wonderful value for what you get. Only draw backs are that mine is slow to charge up, which may be because of the cord I use to recharge it. Also my teen was unboxing it and either she pulled it the wrong way and tore the support flap out or it came that way and wasn’t glued down inside. I sent an email to the seller and never heard back, it’s been several months and I really do like the product so after a while I just cut off the stand support flap completely and still use it, just can’t prop it up like one of the features of the design that I was most looking forward to.

  23. Miki

    The charger works fine, but the mini usb cable it comes with arrived broken.

  24. TC

    Purchased 2, one for me and one for the wife for a trip. Holds the charge nicely. Charged it up upon receiving and didn’t use it for about 3 weeks. When I did use it, it was still fully charged. Stand is sturdy enough to hold a 15 Pro. Fits in a pocket or bag nicely.

  25. Reddy

    This is best power bank

  26. Devin

    I can’t recommend it enough! Please if your looking for a wireless charger look no further with its almost hypnotic(you’ll see 😉)magnetic fold out stand and multiple ports you can charge your watch headphones and any other device with its USB and USB-C out port top wireless charge your phone,

  27. Robert Nix

    Has a strong battery that will hold the phone very well, and the kickstand allows you to set your phone at an angle for easy viewing and use. Holds almost two full charges for my iPhone 15 Pro Max. Easy to read meter on the charger gives the charge left and current status of the charger.

  28. TC Erickson

    Compact with folding stand, so it charges while you read or watch something and provides a grip when you have to hold it. Pocketable, but not when it’s stuck to the phone.

  29. Deborah K Holmes

    Charges quickly and can carry in my purse!

  30. Questions

    Over all a good battery. Charges well even when phone is in use without overheating. Weight and shape are ok. The magnetic just doesn’t stick as well as others it should have come with a magnetic ring for your device so it sticks better.

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