Solar Power Bank 10000 mAh


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Ensure your devices are charged with a 10,000mAh Solar power bank, an excellent value for a premium battery that can be used daily. The Li-Polymer battery is a sturdy internal construction that will keep your devices powered wherever you are.

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Solar Power Bank 10000 mAh

The solar power bank is portable and designed for use while on the move! Using sun rays while outside, you can recharge your portable power bank and make your everyday adventures possible using our pocket-sized design.

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Fast dual USB charging comes with 2.1 amps of power, which is ideal for power packs to charge mobile phones. You can quickly recharge your power bank with built-in solar panels or a USB.


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Solar power bank built-in Flashlight, Strobe Light, and Compass will be used outdoors, hopefully not in an emergency. The glowing light from the LED is the ideal companion for your adventure—another reason to take the Outdoor Power Bank Everywhere.

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Quality and Safety Our goal is to provide a top-quality service to our customers. You’re receiving good value for a quality product that delivers our promises.


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  1. Ciaran

    The charger is perfect particularly if you, re outdoorsy. I take it for long bike rides an hikes. It’s sturdy and keeps the charge for a long time. 

  2. Tom B.

    It’s better made than the patriots

  3. Sean

    Nice, basic, good for the money. Does its job.

  4. Richard

    Efficient and good quality. Charging is excellent, I use it for my camera equipment and phone. The battery lasts long and is very lightweight for its size. It does the job as advertised! 

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